The Quiet World

The Quiet World is that space that draws me away from the busy-ness of my daily life and brings me somewhere else–a place that allows me to reflect on the world behind the image. Wherever I go I ask myself, “What do you see? What’s really out there waiting to be seen–behind and beneath and above all the noise around you and within you?” I am unabashed about editing my photographs to bring out that interior space where, for a moment, the din within and without abates. I often minimize color and go for cool, neutral tones. Of course, there are exceptions–a blazing sun in a bronze sky can also blow away the roar of words and thoughts and take me elsewhere. If I were to name that place, it would come very near to the world of my childhood, where the sound of the wind, the smell of juniper berries and a sky too blue to be real was an every day occurrence, or to the place in meditation where the brightness mellows to the monochromatic and, mysteriously, grows richer in tone and texture.

For more information about these images, please contact me, J Paul Gordon, at: or 508 450 1517.

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