About Solas Fine Art Photography

Welcome! I’m pleased to have you visit Solas Fine Art Photography and hope you enjoy the images you see here. Please feel free to leave comments. Pardon me if they appear late; my schedule can get quite hectic at times and I may be slow to moderate them. I do try to be regular with my email checks and try to get to missed calls as soon as possible. I’d love to hear from you.

Solas Fine Art Photography is dedicated to fine art landscape, architectural, natural and portrait images. All of the published images are for sale. I print my images myself on an Epson R2880 printer. I use a variety of papers, but favor Ilford Gold Fibre Silk (a warm soft gloss), Epson Exhibition Fibre (a very white soft gloss), and Ilford Fine Art papers. Most images are 11x 14 or 12×16, though I sometimes print smaller images. Larger images (beyond 13×19) can be printed to order, but entail higher costs.

This website is a work in progress. Thematic pages will be added as the site progresses. Currently, most of my work can be found on the page entitled, “The Quiet World” and some miscellaneous images on, “People and Places”.

 In order to access pages, simply click on the page title. A slide show of the images should begin immediately. Prices are available on request.

For more information about these images, please contact me, J Paul Gordon, by email or by phone at: 

solasfineartphotography@gmail.com ;  508 450 1517.

One Response to About Solas Fine Art Photography

  1. Jim and Mandy Vasil says:

    Very nice work. love the water shots and the picture of Emily.

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